Personal style // Polka dots skirt and pink scarf

 outfit details:
bag-pauls boutique
necklace-vintage from my grandpa

Hi lovelies,

I received an e-mail asking me how I spend my day, namely how my routine looks like and even thought its not something worth-posting I’ll give a quick answer here.
For those who are new here (hi guys) I’m a phd student.
I dont plan to get some pictures of me in the lab wearing my white uniform and my protective goggles, but you can have a sneaky look inside those windows at the background of my pictures (yes thats a lab, not the lab I’m working, but its still a lab). I didnt realise the view inside the window until now that I’m doing that post.
As you can see there are different kind of sprays and protective gloves and there is a detector deep inside the room. My work isnt fascinating enought to deserve a post. It is fascinating to me,but I’m pretty sure you wont be interested in looking pictures of me in the lab and my lab work. This is way too much to do in a post.
There is no way you can see it in the future, but you can still use your imagination and guess..
Its Friday in a few hours, so HAPPY FRIDAY people!



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