Personal style // Ralph Lauren shirt

Ralph Lauren shirt
wearing: shirt-Ralph Lauren, trousers-Forever 21, scarf-Natbee’s, shoes-Debenhams, jacket-River Island


Ralph Lauren shirt
Ralph Lauren shirt
Ralph Lauren shirt

I have been searching for the perfect shirt for ages and I have finally found it in a charity shop in Edinburgh! It was on sale (didn’t even know that charity shops do sales) and it’s in my favourite pink colour, so I have a good reason to call it my favourite shirt from now and on 🙂 I used to do thrift shopping almost every weekend back in time when I was living in London. There were so many good charity shops in East London, made it impossible to resist and not get yourself a good bargain! The scarf is handmade and you can get yourself one HERE, kept me warm the entire day and everyone was complimenting about the colour combination.
Now I am off to eat the chocolate that my friend Eva got me from Slovenia-difficult task I have to say, but hopefully I will manage to do it! Any Slovenian readers over here?

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