Personal style // Silver leaves on my necklace

 outfit details:
clutch-c/o Next
ring-c/o Shine


Hola lovers,

Its been a while since I did a proper outfit post but I still have internet connection problems, so updating my blog/checking your posts is a luxury at the moment. I was away the whole weekend in London, attending the Cosmopolitan blog awards and meeting up with some close friends. Has anyone noticed how cold the weather suddenly become or is it only my impression? Autumn is finally here! Wearing that tee without a blazer on wasnt painfull as the photoshooting was done before the sunrise, but hanging out at night was so cold! Other than that, I am trying to make myself familiar with Mac since getting one is going to be my next step. So here’s a little video I did while playing around with my pictures. Hope you like it!


P.S: Thanks for all your kind comments on my previous post; if it wasnt you I would have never made it so far. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂

Hugs and kisses


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