Personal style // The tartan hat

outfit details:
hat-new look

Hi lovelies,
Today I had a difficult day at work.I had to do new calibrations for my mixed standards but thats boring so I wont say anything else. I bought this skirt a week ago from Zara sales and I love the colours and stripes on it.
I have plenty of striped clothes but this skirt is so far my favourite.
On a totally different note, I was extremely pleased to see that I reached 1000 followers today.I couldnt believe in my eyes when I saw ‘1000’, I had to renew the page twice in order to be sure.
It means the world to me people, so thanks for being here, thanks for supporting me and thanks for all your precious comments.Be sure that I read all of them and when I have some free time I’ll get back to your blogs and answer any questions you ask me.
Thank you once again. You just made my day!



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