Places // Dinner at Marbella Corfu

Places // Dinner at Marbella Corfu

Dinner at Marbella Corfu
On our first night we had dinner at the hotel and let me tell you something; when it comes to food the people at Marbella Corfu know best!
I am not a buffet fan, because it reminds me of conferences where all you can choose from is cheap sandwiches and cheapest, microwaved meals, but one look at the buffet of the restaurant and I instantly changed my mind!
Dinner at Marbella Corfu
We started our night by drinking wine in our private garden, over-looking the sea.
Corfu island summer outfit
I was wearing a white top and blue printed trousers; Steven says this print reminds him of Greece and I couldn’t agree more. It also felt really good having my shoulders out after months of hiding them under thick knit jumpers and layers of clothes.
Chanel look-a-like bag
nails print
Hello new nails 🙂
Dinner at Marbella Corfu
La Terrazza Restaurant is located at the top of the hotel and you have the option of sitting outside or inside. We sat outside, enjoying the warm sea breeze along with chilly white wine before heading in the buffet.
Dinner at Marbella Corfu
Remember what I said about buffets before? Well this is definitely not an ordinary buffet, every detail was paid attention to, there was a great variety of food for every taste; fresh fish and seafood, Greek traditional dishes, roasted meat, soup, vegeterian temptations, a heaven on Earth!
UK travel blogger at Marbella Corfu
Dinner at Marbella Corfu
Marbella Corfu review
Dinner at Marbella Corfu
Dinner at Marbella Corfu
Steven-who looks like a lunatic in this picture because he could barely hold himself away from his dish-loved every single taste. Since the food variety was vast and it was impossible to fill everything in our stomach we agreed on having nibbles of everything instead of normal portions…and it was the best decision ever until it was time to visit the buffet once again for our desserts…
Reviews of Marbella Corfu Hotel
Dinner at Marbella Corfu
These dipped in syrup cookies are traditionally produced in the city I come from, so I was very pleased to see that a local dessert of my hometown was included in this buffet in Corfu. Last time I tried them, I must have been 11 years old so I was extremely happy to try them once again!
Marbella Corfu hotel review
All desserts were gluten free and handmade at the restaurant’s kitchen.
Desserts at Marbella Corfu
Greek delicacies at Marbella Corfu
Did I also mention that there was unlimited ice-cream?
We left late at night-after Steven managed to finish the bottle of wine-and went for drinks at the Belvedere Bar where we were lucky enough to meet a couple from Australia and enjoy some local kumquat liqueur based cocktails. We sat there up until late midnight and headed to our room with stomachs full and our hearts happy 🙂

More about our Marbella experience and Corfu tomorrow..




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