Travelodge hotel review
Spending my weekend in Newcastle was not a pure coincidence. A few days ago I was asked if I would like to go on a weekend getaway with my boyfriend, surely I wouldn’t decline such offer. Travelodge made a big investment and has recently renovated a vast number of its hotels around the UK and as a part of their promotion they have invited bloggers to stay for a weekend and review the whole experience.

I was given the option of staying in any hotel in the UK. My first thought was London as I havent visited for along time, but considering that Aberdeen is a bit far away from the English capital and I would spend a day in travelling I decided to go to Newcastle, my favourite North East city. As soon as I booked the train tickets I started organising the whole trip, the friends I would like to meet and the places that we should visit.  I was so excited!
View from Travelodge Hotel in Newcastle
Situated in a very central location (as the name suggests), it took us 10′ from the train station to reach the Newcastle Central Hotel. Because we arrived a bit early, we had to wait up until 3 pm for the check in, however we found this very handy as we left our luggage in the reception and wandered around the city – I was very eager to show Steven around, so no complaints here!
2-Travelodge Newcastle Central Review
We were given a room with a king size bed and the staff was very friendly and welcoming – ready to answer our questions. The view was amazing facing the Tyne Bridge and I was more than happy to open the window and absorb the city vibes.
Travelodge Newcastle Central Review
breakfast at Travelodge hotel
healthy breakfast
The breakfast wasn’t bad either; a huge selection of cereals, fruits and croissants was in the breakfast bar every morning, next to the eggs, beans, bacon and sausages, that made a fine English breakfast for my guy.
view from Travelodge Newcastle Central Hotel
We pretty much sat on the same table every day to enjoy the best view while sipping our coffee. Is there a better way to start your day?
Traditional English breakfast
English breakfast at the Travelodge hotel
A few things you should know before booking in a Travelodge hotel:
–>There is a great value for the room given and most hotels are situated in a central location being ideal for a hen party sleepover or a weekend getaway as in our case.
–>Speaking of hen parties there were guests for at least four different parties at the same time in the hotel, but surprisingly enough we never heard any noise, which made our nights great.
–> The thing we loved the most is the breakfast, you eat as much as you like and it is served until 11 am during weekends, perfect for people who have been partying all night long.

Would I visit again? Definitely for a weekend with my girlfriends or another getaway with the boy.

Thank you Travelodge for the invitation and for having us there!



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