Places // The Mercer Restaurant Breakfast Experience

Places // The Mercer Restaurant Breakfast Experience

Breakfast at the Hotel Mercer in Barcelona

I still have a few more posts from Barcelona to share with you guys even though we are back in Aberdeen. One of the things that has been printed in my mind forever is the Mercer Hotel breakfast experience. A pure joy event that no one should miss if visiting Barcelona! {In case you haven’t seen yet my post reviewing the hotel you can have a look here, even though it was less than a month ago that I was there, now looking back it feels like ages!}
Breakfast at the Hotel Mercer in Barcelona
Breakfast at the Hotel Mercer in Barcelona
breakfast in Barcelona
Every morning we were greeted in the entrance of the dining room with a bar buffet displaying a huge selection of pastries, breads, croissants, muffins, cereals and jams, from which we could get anything we liked (I personally liked the yoghurt variety and the chocolate muffins)….
breakfast in Barcelona
Breakfast at the Hotel Mercer in Barcelona
…..before getting a seat outside in the patio, a beautifully designed place to enjoy the morning peace. 
We were then served with a fruit salad, coffee, freshly squeezed juice and a small basket filled with croissants and bread assortments. 
breakfast in Barcelona
After that we had the option to order from the menu either the Continental breakfast or the Mercer breakfast, both with a wide range of freshly home made produced delicacies. 
Mouth watering is the least I can say to describe how dreamy this tastes!
This time we went for the Mercer Breakfast and I ordered Pancakes with maple syrup and cream, while Stoyka ordered the Benedictine eggs, bliss!
Being a dessert lover, I certainly couldn’t resist not ordering Le Bras de Gitan, a local Catalan dessert that is basically sponge cake rolled with southern flavoured pastry cream. Yum!
Just at the time we decided it was about time to leave as our stomachs couldn’t possibly fit any more food, we were asked if we would like a glass of champagne to wash down our breakfast, hell yeah we do, who can turn down such offer!
All in all a fantastic experience that has been unforgettable not only of the quality of delicatessens offered to us but also because of the peace and relaxation that this place offers.
I cannot recommend the Hotel Mercer Barcelona enough and thank the incredibly welcoming personnel that was kind enough to be there for us and fulfil any desire we expressed during our stay.
If you want to know more about the place visit their official page here and don’t forget to connect with their social media to know more about seasonal offers and events. 
Definitely going back at some point!


*pictures taken by Stoyka and me


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