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A month ago I was invited at the Athens Exclusive Designers Week in Athens, Greece. So I packed my stuff and got back home for the weekend. It is the first time I was invited in the Greek catwalk and I was thrilled!
First thing first, the catwalk was amazing, filled with colours and fresh air from Greece and New York. The show started with Notis Panayiotou collection that was characterised by lace and black colours, and Marks & Spencer vibrant spring colours. Then it was Aslanis collection, showing us gorgeous formal and wedding dresses. However, I couldnt wait the time for Patricia Field’s designs to appear on the catwalk!
I was very lucky to have a double pass, a press and backstage at the same time, so sneakily I got into the backstage and I even had the chance to interview Patricia Field and ask her all about her latest collection, Sex and the City and of course how it feels being back in her motherland! She was standing right there next to me for 20′ minutes and I was amazed by her authentic style, gorgeous smile and energy.

Also,you know that damm moment comes when your camera is NOT working? Well, thats exactly what happened when I decided to get my picture with her at the end of the interview. For a moment I thought that she would get bored posing next to me waiting my disfunctional camera but no, that didnt happen. She was patiently standing next to me for more than 5 minutes and was smilling politely waiting for my camera to finally capture the moment. Talking about down to Earth lady! I was extremely happy to be there and cant wait for the the second day,that is today! Thank you AXDW for inviting me and Patricia for being such a fabulous lady!



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