The Cosmopolitan blog awards 2012

Me and Emily from EmilyDivine!
The girls on behalf of The Style Rawr. Thanks for the amazing night ladies!
Being nominated for a Cosmopolitan Blog Award is not something that happens everyday! Once I was notified about the nomination, and after I went through the initial shock (Who voted for me? People apart from my mum read my blog? Is this really happening?!), I started planning my outfit for the night and crossing my fingers that I’d win the award. Cosmopolitan blog awards 2012
Attending the awards ceremony was surreal! The party took place in The Rose Club, a members-only club near Oxford Street. It was easy to find as there were a dozen of balloons surrounding the entrance and a big neon sign saying ‘Cosmopolitan’! There were many journalists from the magazine taking interviews of bloggers, endless champagne and goodie bags courtesy of NEXT and St Tropez tanning brand.
When I got in the club I was amazed by the gorgeous, well dressed girls scattered around the place. As I knew no one – even though I’ve been blogging for almost 5 years now I haven’t met many other bloggers in London and I secretly wish there were more events happening so we could get to meet each other – I made my way to the bathroom, hoping to meet a few ladies while checking my makeup. Not being able to bring a plus one made me hesitant at first but then I realized that being naturally an extrovert has proven to be a huge advantage on this occasion! I met Tara from The Style Rawr, Rosie from The Londoner and Carrie from WishWishWish and we all hang around until the nominations and awards were revealed. The girls were amazingly friendly and lovely and I felt instantly at ease. It appears, as Rosie said, I wasn’t the only one feeling concerned prior to my arrival as she, too, came without a plus one and was afraid no one would talk to her. We had a couple of cocktails and got ourselves to the dance floor, dancing to the music and enjoying ourselves.
Unfortunately I did not win the award – I was nominated for the Best New Fashion Blogger category and Lullutrixabelle was the winner of it – but I am glad I made it in the final list. Considering that I started this blog as a way to document my life while studying abroad, this nomination is a huge honour for me!
Congratulations to the winners and thank you everyone for voting for me!
Here’s to the many more parties that will follow. Thank you Cosmopolitan!
Anastasia Cosmopolitan blog awards 2012


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