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When Coldplay released “Life in technicolour” some years ago, I got enthusiastic in the idea of buying a rainbow t-shirt for the summer. At that time most of my friends were dressed in black monochrome outfits, so by wearing a colourful piece of clothing I was risking my chances to be perceived as the colourful sheep (see what I did there?).

I remember stepping into a clothing print store, having a quick chat with the graphic designer and agreeing on the picture he would design and print on a white plain shirt. Half an hour later I had my very own technicolour t-shirt on my hands and I was so proud to have contributed in its design. I thought that wearing it would be make me look very cool, little did I know! I looked like a 14 year old secondary school boy (the only thing missing was a skateboard), and as you understand our relationship ended up fairly quickly.

Luckily nowadays finding something is way easier and internet search machines are your best friends. It hit me last night to re-consider wearing a technicolour shirt and with a quick internet search I ended up choosing this one {insert link} from Hawes and Curtis, a London based company. They offer a great variety of beautifully tailored ladies shirts that can be effortlessly transitioned from day to night.
Now, onto the subject (and the reason I am hoping you still read this post)..

…how to style the technicolour print…
-To get your casual sartorial formula just right, combine your multi-coloured shirt with a pair of skinny jeans, a pair of ballerinas and your Karen Walker shades.
-I’ve always been a huge fan of colours, as somehow they bright my mood! Time and experience taught me that any colourful shirt can be combined with a pair of great monochrome trousers and a pair of killer heels.
-For a day to night transitionàin the morning wear your shirt with a scarf around the neck and a pink lipstick. At night wear a red lipstick, remove the scarf and wear a statement necklace. You might even go a bit further and have one or two buttons undone 😉
Don’t forget to finish of the look with a great smile and a boost of confidence!

Would you dare to wear a technicolour shirt this season, if so how would you style it?



*this is a sponsored post but all views expressed are mine.


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