A few days ago, I was contacted by Celebrity Cruises and was asked if I would like to take part to their #tasteoftravel challenge. Food and travelling is two of my most favourite things in life, so how could I possibly resist?

The idea is to share three courses (starter, main and dessert) that have stayed in your mind for their delicious taste and cherish these food memories by creating your ideal menu.
I went through my old pictures and posts and have finally managed to create a menu that makes my taste buds tingling for travel 🙂 So here’s my #tasteoftravel menu (if only I could taste it once again today)..
Mushroom fritatta and roast polenta potatoes are my absolutely favourite starters. I mean come one who doesnt love mushrooms and potatoes, let alone Portobello mushrooms with parsley and grated cheese on top! First time I tasted these I was in London and I remember being so enthusiastic about their taste that I ended up ordering a second round…Yum!
Moving on the the main course I chose this roast chicken with balsamic lentils, grilled artichoke and sherry reduction that I tasted it almost a year ago in Glasgow. The meat was well cooked and the side sauce was also a new taste for me (they were many firsts that day I can tell you). The lentils were very smooth in texture and the flavour of the balsamic made the sauce so delectable. In fact, there is no word to describe how delicious that was, the only way to understand my feelings towards this taste, is to try it by yourself, it was that good! The baby artichokes were amazingly fresh and in combination with the lentils they created a flavour that was pure perfection!
What would the world be without desserts I have no clue! Having a sweet tooth I can not fathom the idea of completing a meal without a spectacular dessert. Tentative as I am, I cannot limit myself to one option only, so I always go for the variety. In my latest trip to Barcelona I fall in love with this assortment of mini gourmet home made cakes. The chocolate  and soft fruits tart was made in heaven!
So now that I have completed this mouth watering menu that has made me even more hungry it’s high time to nominate a couple of friend bloggers to join me for dinner and here’s my list:
Jovanna from The Londonian Girl
Tara from The Style Rawr
Claire from G is for Gingers
Hope you enjoy it girls as much as I did. If you excuse me, now, I’d rather eat something to stop my stomach rumbling…


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