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In the Glasgow streets

A little while ago, we took a drive down to Glasgow for the weekend. While this time of the year can be tricky to travel as the idea of staying indoors under your duvet sounds more appealing than ever, we braved the weather and went in Glasgow for a weekend of shopping and meeting friends. The day we got these shots was VERY cold, however the sky was blue and there is always something to be said for the beauty of Glasgow, even during these winter months. The Georgian buildings, the busy streets, the beautiful shop facades, the frozen leaves on the ground all together make a pretty image.

I think one of the most beautiful things about returning back to a city that I lived for a while is to rediscover the little streets and places that are worth visiting again and again. On this particular day I met with my friend Wendy and went for a coffee and long chat at two different places. It felt so good to meet and talk about all the things we love to do like blogging, photography, walking our dogs in the park, travelling during the weekends and so on. Me and Wendy have so many things in common and I secretly wish I was living closer to her but for the time being weekend trips and whatsapp chats will do it!

After eating and drinking we decided to go for a quick stroll around the shops and got these shots as quick as humanly possible since it was freezing and I was concerned about Wendy’s fingers using my camera. I was wearing my beloved tweed coat layered with a huge scarf on top with the hope to keep me warm. I actually did a mini vlog of that day but seeing as Steven’s iMac has an old version that doesn’t support the latest iMovie, I couldn’t edit or upload the video files to Youtube, which is so frustrating and sad as I think I did a great job documenting our day. I might post it later on time and delete all the Christmas decoration shots, but until then I hope these images give you an idea of how the streets looked.


Happy weekend everyone!


*Thanks for snapping these photos Wendy!



backpack-c/o Radley

watch-c/o Daniel Wellington



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1 Comment
  • Lucy
    January 14, 2017

    I LOVE your outfit!! You look so chic 🙂 such a shame about iMovie, we’ll be interested to see it though no matter when you get it up! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy