Going through my travel pages, I’ve realised there is so much I haven’t posted about my trip to Marrakesh and certainly the Es Saadi Palace-a five star luxury hotel and palace- is not something to miss out!

Where: Marrakesh, Morocco
When: November 2015

Let me start by saying that when I think of Marrakesh, my mind goes to overwhelming rose petal smells, colourful tiles and patchworks of palm and olive trees. And there is a place that combines all of them with generous amounts of luxury….
So reset your coordinates to 31,6 degrees North and let me take you inside the marvelous Es Saadi villas and breath-taking Dior Spa!

Nestled in a 20 acres land of gardens, the Palace is ideal if you are seeking for peace and gratification away from the busy heart of Marrakesh.
Es Saadi (which means the happy one) opened in the 1966 by the artist Jean Bauchet and it quickly turned into a lavish hideaway for celebrations like the Rolling Stones who flew to Marrakesh seeking the sun during winter.

Through the years Es Saadi became one of the most famous in Morocco with the addition of Dior Spa the only one in the country! Upon your arrival in the palace you see antique cavalry horses and archways followed by an impressive marble lobby, featuring a huge fountain. The friendly staff greets you with smiles and freshly  made mint tea. Wandering through the reception you face the gardens and swimming pool surrounded by chic sunbeds and Roman style columns.

Why go there? The hotel has 92 opulent suites and 10 individually themes villas. The heated outdoor swimming pool located in then middle of the gardens, the tall palm trees, the barber shop and of course the Dior Institute are just a few of the attractions.

The Mahharaja’s Villa, a palatian Indian style villa is nestled in the middle of the gardens and as the name suggests is fit for a Majaraja (Indian prince)! It features a four poster bed, elephant bronze statues in the entrance, mirrors with semi-precious stones and a private heated swimming pool!

The unique interior design of this luxurious villa got me sold. I think it is ideal for a couple’s honeymoon or anniversary-also having butler services 24/7 certainly makes the whole experience unforgettable.

Starting accommodation prices for Es Saadi are £165 per night but the hotel seems busy most of the time so I would advice you to book ahead asap.

Check back tomorrow for the second part of my review, featuring the Villa favorite, lunch by the pool and the glorious Dior Spa!

Anastasia x


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