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Life sometimes can get just a little too much. Stressing for work, a life so packed with activity, studies, family and more can leave you drained and sometimes it feels like there is no way out of this big mess. A Zen proverb says: “You should sit in meditation twenty minutes every day-unless you are too busy. Then you should sit for an hour.”

It’s no secret how important it is to take time out for yourself in order to enjoy life and experience things, and this past year I have come to realise that travelling gives a new perspective for things in life.

Travelling can cure the winter blues, can help you see things in a positive way and most importantly gives you the chance to interact with other cultures and meet people that help to shape your personality…

^^ landing in Santorini ^^

Keeping up with my promise to travel as much as humanly possible while doing a Ph.D, I accepted an invitation to go sailing around the Greek islands with my boyfriend as part of the Mediterranean Delights Fitness Voyage (MDFV) campaign. The motto is SUN.FUN.YOU and given that I constantly crave of summer temperatures, sailing around Greece and making new friends sounded like the best deal ever!

The MDFV is a travel business set up two years ago by the lovely American Cynthia and Turkish guide Ali. The concept of the trip is to enjoy your holidays but be in tune and balance with your body. I am guilty of overindulging in loads of ice-cream and fries while being on holidays. I ditch the gym, forget about fitness and even when I am on the beach I very rarely swim for more than ten minutes. Finding balance between fitness and relaxation while on holidays is the best recipe someone could think of. Add to this fun sport activities, sailing around the Mediterranean islands, living on a boat and you get the entire picture of the MDFV experience.

Cynthia herself went on a sailing trip a few years ago and realised that in order to make a successful fitness voyage attention must be paid in every detail; from the food to the attractions, from the crew members’ sailing ability to the fitness instructor’s motivational skills, and a guide flexible enough to accommodate the guests’ different ideas of what is a good holiday. Well let me tell you that this fitness voyage ticks all the boxes.

Our gulet, Muhtesem A, was a sparkling home away from home for the duration of the trip. The staff were our family and the hospitality we have received is more than we could have ever expected! Our rooms were spacious and deck was filled with white, bed-sized pillows that made the perfect beds for those who wanted to spend the night observing the stars. Our captain and crew were experienced and even when the waters got a bit rough, they made us all feel safe and kept the holiday spirits up!

They also made sure we had anything we wanted at any time during the trip. Biscuits…fresh tea…bigger pillows…you go it all!

During the day we had our meals prepared (breakfast, lunch, tea & snacks and dinner) and we were served only organic, healthy food prepared on board by Ayla, our lovely on board cook. All of the food was based on the Mediterranean diet and there were options for vegetarians and vegans too. On top of this Ayla was always happy to prepare a Turkish coffee for anyone and read the person’s fortune by interpreting the signs left in the mug from the coffee’s tiny granules.

This voyage fitness classes were more of wellness classes and learning about your body rather than pushing yourself to your limits. For me, these classes were excellent  to learn which part of my body is weak and were I have to focus in the future to prevent any back or knee problems. Our instructor, Forrest was always happy for a chat and with his calm way and patience of teaching would make you eager for each class.

Through in our cruise we sailed around the Greek islands, starting from Santorini and ending up in Kos. In total we visited six islands which is also a reason why this trip is so unique; even though I’m Greek I have never visited so many islands all at once. So if this is your first time visiting Greece and are keen on the idea of sailing and seeing as many islands as possible, I cannot recommend this trip enough! However, if you are interested in experiencing a bit of the Turkish culture too, then maybe choosing one of the other itineraries is the best option for you. I personally am curious to experience the Land Voyage in the future!

Right, that’s it for now. It’s time to wear my bikini and dive in the crystal, clear waters of Patmos.
Check out tomorrow to read a bit more about our itinerary.

Happy Wednesday everyone!


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