To South Queensferry let’s go!

South Queensferry is one of these places that my 14-year old self would dream to live in. I remember watching Le Chocolat in the cinema and being intrigued by the idea of living in a tranquil, traditional village where people would greet each other down the streets, the baker would know you by your first name and there would only be pretty, family-owned corner stores with colourful facades. Now, don’t get me wrong, the idea of having a peculiar mayor as in the movie wasn’t appealing to me but there was something that warmed my heart when I imagined myself living in a cute village by the water. And that’s the exact feeling I got all over me when visiting South Queensferry.

Living in a beautiful village has such a profound effect on one’s happiness. I remember when I was living in London and everyone thought I was living the dream, while in reality, I was living the tube rush hour phenomenon which I, later on, described as ‘canned sardines’. There was no quality life and even though I was happy to be in the center of things and events, my personal life was quite…non-existent! Moving to Scotland has made me so much happier and I mean this in every sense – I love the green, lush nature, the stunning castles, the beaches and the quaint small villages that we find during our weekend road trips.

South Queensferry is one of these places that we would always look through the window during our train rides from Aberdeen to Edinburgh and never make a point to stop and explore until our most recent Glamping adventure.

Glamping at Dundas Castle , which is located just a five minutes drive away from Queensferry, was the perfect opportunity for us to (finally) explore South Queensferry since we were in the area. Admittedly, Queensferry with its Victorian harbour, colourful High Street and picturesque shops tracing back on the 17th-century is one of the prettiest seaside villages in Scotland.

 “…while walking down the cobbled streets, all I kept thinking was why is this the first time I am visiting this magnificent place!”

Red, pink and blue, wooden store facades with hand-written ‘ice-cream and coffee’ signs displayed on the front are just a few of the things that will make you fall for South Queensferry instantly!

Instead of using the local taxi service, we walked from the site to the village giving ourselves the chance to explore both the harbour-front and the surrounding countryside. We walked past old, stone-built cottages with secluded rose gardens and much to Cruzy’s amuse, all sorts of doggies run to greet us on their door gates. Talking about a (dog) friendly place!

The harbour is a salt-swept haven of fish and chips restaurants and ice cream parlour cafes. After walking for such a long time we built up an appetite and so we opted for the local seafood delicacies at Orocco Pier restaurant. They are dog-friendly and have an outdoors seated area on the front which offers the most charming views of the bridges and the Scottish coastline.

Moules marinière and fish & chips are two of the most common dishes found in the restaurants here, which OFFICIALLY makes South Queensferry my kind of heaven!

As the kitchen was running out of mussels we ordered the seabass and haddock instead. Both eaten whilst watching Cruzy playing down the beach with his newly acquired friend, Rocco the Papillon!

17 High St, South Queensferry EH30 9PP
These two would make such a great pair of friends, don’t you think? If only South Queensferry was a little bit closer to Aberdeen!

After we finished our meal we went down the beach to join the doggies and collect some seashells. I have this tradition of collecting a few seashells from each place we visit and then proudly display them in a glass vase I keep by our bathtub. In a weird way, it makes me relive our trips, brings me closer to nature and helps me relax when taking a bath.

It was such a beautiful, sunny day when visited there wasn’t a single cloud in the sky and people were parading up and down the High Street with an ice-cream cone in hands enjoying every single bit of the sunlight. We joined them in the ceremonious walk up and down the cobbled streets, every time paying a little bit more attention to the details until we discovered the most Instagrammable bakery I have ever come across in my life!

The Little Bakery, 6-7 High Street, EH30 9PP

The Little Bakery! I was absolutely astounded when I walked in, there was a wall covered in roses, rounded corner sofas and a beautiful table by the window, that by sheer luck, happened to be vacant just when we walked in!

Even though we were pretty full from our meal, we ordered coffee and desserts and I am so glad we did because this raspberry tart with toasted coconut flakes on top was mouth-watering and worth the avidity.

Such a delicious treat after a long day of walking, photographing and dog chasing…

With full stomachs and excessive levels of energy, we headed down the port for one last time before heading back to the Glamping site.

I was wearing my new Mosebacke raincoat in light sand colour and Chelsea rainwalker ankle wellies that Stutterheim very kindly gifted to me for this trip. As soon as we reached the shore the heavens opened (isn’t it amazing how changeable the Scottish weather is!) and I was utterly grateful to be wearing my raincoat and wellies.

The Mosebacke raincoat is the women’s version of the iconic Stockholm raincoat that has made Stutterheim globally renown for its stylish, long-lasting raincoats. The coat has a feminine, A-line cut that creates a flattering silhouette. It features a hoodie and can outstand the most horrible weather conditions making it ideal to wear when travelling around Scotland.

I have been now wearing this raincoat for more than a month and all I can say is that Swedish definitely know how to make good raincoats. It has such a classic, versatile style, it doubles as my trenchcoat during the rainy days and I love wearing it with dresses, jeans and shorts!

We sat comfortably at the steps of the harbour watching the trains go by on top of Forth bridge, guessing what their destination might be. Cruzy was chasing seagulls or the other way around, I was too preoccupied to pay attention to his cheeky affairs, while the sun was slowly setting behind the hills.

What a beautiful place to be!


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