Spring closet reinvention

‘Tis the season to renew the wardrobe and refresh your style, isn’t it? We discard the grey, winter colours and welcome a peachy, pastel colour palette, as seen on Simons! If April is kind to us then we might even stroll around Belmont Street wearing a brighter coloured outfit this weekend. I have my hopes high, especially
now that the days are longer and seemingly brighter! But even if this will never be the case, it’s still nice to dream! Tonight (after a very long time), I placed my first Spring order, getting myself a Boden classic cut shirt and a pink, cotton one that will be ideal for warmer days in the office. Above are a few items I am dreaming of owning. The polka dots shirt is my absolutely favourite, following by some cosy nightwear and a whimsical beach bag by Joules. And of course it would be inappropriate if I wouldn’t include this cute bee necklace.
Dear Easter weekend, please be good to us!



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