Right now I am in bed with a massive headache and unstoppable fever, go backwards a couple of days though and here we are again in North Berwick. Enjoying the morning silence at the Macdonald Marine Hotel and Spa!
On our second day we woke up hungry (despite us gorging on a massive dinner the previous night) and late for breakfast. Just five minutes prior the closing of the dining area, my biological clock alerted me (somehow I managed not to set an alarm the previous night feeling utterly confident that I would make it on time by a natural instinct) so we rushed to grab something from the buffet.
Luckily, the very kind waiter patiently waited for me to place my order and so we found ourselves enjoying a king’s breakfast while window watching a fit cross class of ladies, which made me a bit jealous and guilty at the same time, so I put my croissant down.


After this we decided to go for a walk in the nearby beach-it was so hot and sunny it reminded me of summers in Greece! We ended up a bit further away than we had in mind but we found a gorgeous mini schnauzer puppy on our way which made up for the walk under the intense heat; wearing my new trainers helped too.

Oh, and did I mention donuts from Bostock bakery in North Berwick?
My, oh my…



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