Strawberry picnic with FatFace #WashedinHappiness

I have a strong Mediterranean heritage that passed me down a heart that is full of happiness when I am outdoors. Living in Scotland, with its beautiful countryside, my desire to explore has spiked and I am always praying for sunny days, warm weekends and garden picnics, as these are the things that shaped my childhood and formed a great part of my memories back home.

My work as a researcher involves many hours in front of the laptop, questioning, interpreting, analysing data, and when I am in the laboratory I am on my feet for the most of the part. So it makes absolute sense that I love traveling and being close to the nature as often as I can in an attempt to escape my hectic reality and embrace nature’s tranquility. My toes love being dipped in the grass and my eyes love facing the ‘blue-green horizon’ where the fields meet the sky. It is exciting, alleviating and brings happiness to my soul!

What makes my days joyful is getting dressed with clothes that I like, materials that make me feel comfortable on my own skin, shoes that welcome my feet (even when standing for 10 hours in the lab), dresses that let my skin breathe and make me happy and carefree. Denim capris and white tanks are my all time favourite combinations, and its the uniform you will most likely spot me wearing on a daily basis. Through my years of shopping research I found a few brands that work for me and my busy lifestyle, their stuff are of good quality and make me feel great, with FatFace being on the top of my list. Fatface designs clothing with the feeling of happiness in mind, they want their customers to wear their clothes and feel like they have been #washedinhappiness and be at ease. I give Fatface extra points though for designing not only comfortable but flattering clothing too. I love their simple lines (look at this marvelous Cora dungarees dress) and that their colour range mirrors nature, and in my case, the Scottish landscapes.

dress-c/o Fatface

Last weekend Steven and I had a strawberry picnic in the garden. The sun was out (with a few, wee clouds in the sky that looked like fluffy, cotton balls), and so we wanted to embrace the great Scottish outdoors and enjoy the garden as long as possible.

If you are working in an office then I am sure you understand this feeling!

I was wearing my newest Fatface dress (light blue coloured with white vertical stripes-nautical simplicity) for the entire day and I felt totally washed in happiness eating strawberries and Montezuma’s organic chocolate, accompanied by British black tea straight out of the pot. Hot and aromatic, just perfect!

The strawberries were locally sourced and so tasty we didn’t even have to dip their tip in sugar. With every bite you could feel their sweet juice that (again) brought me back some happy childhood memories 🙂

After finishing our tea we got our shoes off and played with the rackets until the sun was hidden behind the clouds and it started getting a bit chilly to stay outside.

I have a thing for boat shoes, but these Halse boat shoes happen to be not only smart but extremely comfortable too. Win-win situation! I also got myself these Clovelly cut out t bar shoes, because they were just too cute to resist!

We spent the rest of our day indoors, cutting slivers of leftover cake and drinking (more) tea at the conservatory watching the sun going down, listening to the radio songs coming from the kitchen. A weekend truly washed in happiness!

How was your weekend, did you do anything exciting?

Anastasia x


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