Summer Food Festival, Aberdeen

Summer Food Festival, Aberdeen

It’s been a rather ‘taste buds explosion’ week for us.

Most days Steven and I dine at restaurants, which makes my life easier for two reasons; I do not have to cook after work or stress about food shopping. Onto restaurants, take- aways and pubs it is then…

We have pretty much been in every restaurant in Aberdeen but there are a couple of places that we both like and always return back when hunger hits, with Carluccio’s being one of them.

On Tuesday we had the pleasure of attending the Summer Food Festival in Union Square and as part of it we were invited at our favourite restaurant to sample the menu.

^ ^ grandioso ^ ^

This time I downloaded the PLUS app to check on restaurants and other offers. To my surprise navigating the app was easier than I thought, and I even managed to book us a table for next week within minutes!

I cycled to Union Square from the University and Steven drove down from his office. We met outside Carluccio’s and were welcomed in by the smiley staff- something to compensate the day after long hours of work!

We sat in a nice table with loads of space around us, my helmet even got its own seat! I got a Bellissimo cocktail-think of prosecco and strawberry taste- and Steven got white wine, a brilliant start.

We then placed our order and we might have overdone it a bit.
Prawns marinara, calamari and the grandioso sharing plate for starters, and the branzino (pan fried sea bass fillet), penne giardiniera, chicken saltimbocca, mushroom risotto and lobster spaghetti for main dishes.

^ ^ penne giardiniera is a simple dish that benefits from vegetables flavour. When I first tried it I thought it is very plain but the intense garlic flavour and the small fluffy spinach cheese balls on top make it the most delicious pasta dish. At the end of the night I decided that I’d order this one again instead of the lobster spaghetti, that’s how good it was! ^ ^
^ ^ Steven tried the chicken saltimbocca and said it emphasized the rustic charm and comforting flavour of a classic homemade Sunday dish with loads of fresh herbs, I take his word for it. ^ ^
^ ^ my all time favourite, if there is one dish you must try at Carluccio’s then this is it! Rich, tasty and so satisfying, it really drives taste buds crazy! ^ ^
 ^ ^ the lobster spaghetti dish is for Italian food lovers, sweet and light with intense seafood flavour ^ ^
After savouring every single taste on our table we ordered a few more drinks and chatted away about my PhD-the main theme of our discussions lately- Steven’s birthday that are fast approaching and our summer holidays in August.
And then it was time to recover this food coma by ordering a few desserts-as you do!
I can proudly say that I am an expert when it comes to dessert sampling. It’s no secret that I am a sugar addict and that I enjoy having something sweet on a daily basis, which makes me the perfect person in the table to decide what to order from the menu. I have been visiting Carluccio’s for quite a few years now for their delectable tiramisu so there was no doubt I would go for it once again.
It’s rich, creamy with a satisfying taste of coffee flavour with every spoonful you get, just as tiramisu should be!
Steven went for the dolce di cioccolato, a warm chocolate pudding baked with almonds and Kalhua served with vanilla ice-cream, delish.
I also got a meringa con panna, as it was recommended by the staff, which is basically broken pieces of fluffy meringue served with thick cream and strawberry syrup. Very summer-y and light taste.
The espresso martini was a last minute decision; I don’t usually drink cocktails after dinner, but I was curious to taste the Italian hazelnut liqueur Frangelico that Carluccio’s uses in the espresso martinis recipe. It had a distinctive, strong coffee flavour that was so gratifying after this heavy meal.
In the Victorian book, ‘Three Men in a Boat’ (1889), Jerome says:
“How good one feels when one is full-how satisfied with ourselves and with the world”
and this is exactly how we felt after our Summer Food Festival celebration at Carluccio’s; we had the greatest of feasts, tasted food that was even better that Italian food in Italy and were taken care by the most smiley staff. I highly recommend dropping in Carluccio’s Union Square for an evening of happiness if you are in the Aberdeen area. Tweet me your pictures if you do!
Happy day everyone,
Anastasia x

Anastasia is a Greek in Scotland via England! She’s passionate about life in Aberdeen, exploring new places and petting dogs. When not working she runs Natbee’s and enjoys countryside walks with her puppy Cruz.

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