From the streets of Bangkok to Aberdeen

Last night, Steven, his brother Callum and I, visited Thaikhun in Aberdeen for a table for three in Thailand (minus the flights and hotel expenses). Recently Thaikhun won an award at the Food Awards Scotland, so we were curious to try their latest menu and get a taste of Thailand street food in Aberdeen!

As soon as we entered we felt like being transported to the streets of Bangkok. There were colourful food cans, wooden tables and Thai books on the wall bookshelves. The staff was wearing baggy, hippy style trousers and the entire atmosphere was very relaxing.

Thaikhun, is composed from the words Thai (as in Thailand) and khun, that means yours in Thailand. The restaurant philosophy is that people who visit here are welcome to dine and experience a sense of belonging. It cannot get any more welcoming, right?

The menu was easy to read and our waitress was happy to explain what was on. For drinks we ordered the Full Moon cocktail sharing bucket that came quite literally in a bucket full of ice and straws. Street food vibe at its best!

For starter we got the Sukumvit 38 sharing platter that came with tiny Thai fishcakes (very similar in taste to the one’s I tried at Chaophraya), chicken spring rolls, honey glazed pork (that I didn’t try but the boys loved it) and steamed vegetable dumplings that we all liked. Actually I wouldn’t mind having a dish full of these dumplings right now, they were super tasty!

 ^ ^ the cocktail bucket I was telling you about… ^ ^ 

For main dishes Callum ordered the king prawns stir-fry (Goong Phad Prik Gra Tiam) , Steven got the chicken curry (Massaman) and I got the sea bass fillet (Pla Pao), served wrapped in banana leaves and with steamed rice, that comes in a cute, traditional pinto, aside.As a pescetarian I love eating fish and I love my fish to be well done and citrus flavoured, and this is exactly how sea bream at Thaikhun tasted. The boys thoroughly enjoyed their appetising dishes too, Steven said the chicken curry had a very sweet and spicy taste.

After dinner I wandered a bit around the restaurant and got a picture of the bathroom decoration, you can also call this a sort of a mirror selfie.

Next it was my favourite hour of the day, dessert time!

We tried the Thai bounty and chocolate tart that is gluten free, so extra bonus!

Thai bounty was delectable; a chocolate fondant that was sweet and rich in flavour. It is served with a scoop of coconut ice-cream on the side that is so refreshing when chocolate feels a bit too much with every spoonful.

 ^ ^ yum! ^ ^ 

And so our Thai night came to an end.
We left feeling full but not uncomfortably full as the portions are of a reasonable size.
If you are in Aberdeen I would definitely reccomend you pay a visit if you feel like tasting a bit of Thailand. Chaophraya is still my top choice but Thaikhun will do for the nights that I am on a rush and dressed in jeans and all star converse 😉

Anastasia x

*We were offered a complimentary meal in exchange of a review on the blog but all opinions expressed are mine.


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