#Interiors 5: The alcove shelves project

One area that I knew I wanted to tackle in a restyle when we bought our flat was the alcoves in the bedroom.

In the original plans of the flat, this room served as a living room but at some point one of the previous owners came up with this brilliant idea of moving the bedroom in this room and having the living room next to the kitchen which, realistically speaking, was the best move considering all social events take place in either of these two rooms.

When we moved in, the alcoves were naked. There was clear evidence of the old living room layout – space to fit in a TV stand in the left alcove and only a single shelve inside each alcove meaning we needed to fit in more shelves for them to become proper bookshelves.

If you’ve been following me on Instagram at all, then I’m sure you are already familiar with the drama that surrounded the fitting of these alcove shelves because I did NOT stop talking about them.. .

From finding it difficult to find joiners to undertake the project to having one of them stealing the shelves and never returning them back (unless I’d re-pay for them), I reached a point that I had seen it all. And I was tired. Actually, no, I was exhausted and convinced this project would never end!

But alas came a joiner with good recommendations from my friend Tytti and the long and short of it is, we finally got our alcove shelves up!

With things looking prettier around the bedroom thanks to the addition of the shelves, I had a little re-arrange around the house.

Bringing items from one room to another brought so much joy and a breath of fresh air around the flat.

Funny how moving a few vases, adding a few dry flowers and turning the books back to front (my boyfriend is still laughing at this) can make such a big difference.

Alongside the dry flowers that I’m on the hunt for during dog walks with Cruz, charity shopping is another really effective way to gather unique items at a minimum cost that will add a beautiful touch to your home.

For our bedroom, I sourced as much as I could from the local charity shops and by adding a few frames, I brought as much character and charm as possible.

And there you have it, our alcove shelves, the William Morris wallpaper and my blue Delft miniature houses, finally all together proudly displayed in our bedroom.

Next to tackle on my list of renovations, the bathroom, which let me tell you is already daunting me!



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