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The blackfaced sheep cafe Aboyne

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On the 27th of December, after spending days in the countryside eating and drinking, Steven’s mum, Susan, and I decided to go for a coffee treat at the Black Faced Sheep cafe in Aboyne, and it was one of the loveliest evenings during these last days of 2016 (boy oh boy, it feels as if it was a long time ago while it’s only been days!).


We’ve been meaning to visit the cafe for ages but since it is a drive away from Aberdeen the opportunity was given on that particular day when nothing else was on our list. The Black Faced Sheep is an interesting place to meet friends or spend a couple of hours, it has a cafe/restaurant extended room area attached to an open plan cute shop where they sell the most unique interior goods and chattels. From hand painted mugs to wreaths, there was nothing that I didn’t see and didn’t want to get back home with me…


Aboyne is a picturesque village located southwest of Aberdeen and it is one of the places we will choose to go on a mini day trip as it has many restaurants, pubs and cafes to satisfy everyone’s taste. However, the Black Faced Sheep a pleasant surprise that made me like Aboyne even more! Cute as a button and with elements of a nostalgic, past time, it makes it the ideal place to visit and have a cup of tea and scone when in the village.


I totally fall in love with the variety of mugs, candles, soft tartan blankets and gloves, and Susan loved the mirrors and door knob hangers. We sat in the back room and had some tea and soup and it really was a cure to the soul as it was a cold, snowy day. Next time we agreed to try their cake selection (seeing as we ate our body weight in cake and chocolate during Christmas we behaved ourselves and didn’t have any), we were told that they are homemade and the best in the area with the chocolate rum & orange being the absolute hit!

Have you ever visited Aboyne? Have you been to the Black Faced Sheep before?

Anastasia x


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  • Lucy
    January 16, 2017

    Chocolate rum and orange sounds like an incredible cake! The Black Faced Sheep sounds a bit like Chesters, a cafe at Skelwith Bridge in the Lake District – we always make a trip when we’re on holiday there xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Life, Travel, Italy