As part of my trip to Marrakesh I got to see many different places and taste a variety of foods, however if I could choose one place and only to visit again that would be the Buddha Bar.

Well located in the Avenue Prince my Rashid at the Menara and literally ten meters away our hotel and the new Menara Mall, the Buddha Bar offered us a unique experience. The great thing about it compared to the other local bars is that their chef is fully dedicated into preparing the best sushi and as a sushi lover I could not possibly enjoy this night more! It launched in October 2015 and already established its fame in the night scene of Marrakesh.

Upon our arrival we were warmly greeted by the stunning Hala-the PR person behind the Buddha Bar and were shown our table. The first impression you get entering the club gives you the chills and the wow factor; colourful lights, fantastic music and positive vibes all around the place. The people were fabulously dressed and for a minute I thought I was under dressed with my white off-shoulders lace dress (if you ever wondered what to wear in Marrakesh then I wrote an article here).

The cocktail menu is rich in different flavours-mainly rose extracts focused since this is Marrakesh. I chose the Absolute cocktail which was a mixture of sweet and fruity senses and also tried the Litchi & Coconut cocktail that was an absolute delight! While we were waiting to be seated in the main room, we were offered a huge sushi plate to share (and by huge I mean bigger than my head). There were so many different nibbles to try I got lost in this orgasm of seafood.

The myriad of sushi rolls with their limitless layers and curious components stimulated my curiosity and I wanted to try them all. Unmistakably the chef did an excellent combination and choice of ingredients that drive our taste buds crazy. The fresh oysters were a simple and mouth watering treat to our night and the sashimi truly highlighted the chefs skills.

 After we finished with our pre-starters we were seated in the main sala, just under the gigantic Buddha statue, landmark of the bar. To our surprise more dishes started coming, their size was equal to main dishes but these were our actual starters. Without having to order from the menu the manager had already placed an order for us with his favourite dishes-very handy for us if you ask me!

The starters were similar to the pre-starters, seafood oriented. Again I loved the rolls, the shrimp tempura roll was my favourite, It had a nice spice to it, subtle and not overpowering. The chicken salad was also very tasty, tender pieces of chicken mixed with fresh green leaves and a miraculously tasty sauce-if you don’t like rolls or seafood this is the perfect pick!

The food kept coming and it is the first time in my life I felt being treated like a royal family member-this is exactly how all and each of us felt during our night at the Buddha Bar!

Magic rolls, custom rolls, curry prawn rice, glazed beef, crispy duck and anything the human brain can possibly desire was on our table. The waiters kept bringing the one dish after the other and the alcohol was flowing. There were so many delicious flavours to try, I had to restrain myself from not eating too much in order to try nibbles of everything!

Finally it was time for the desserts and I tried the creme brulee that was rich and sweet, with flavours complimenting each other. Very aromatic and a pleasant ending to our feast.

For the rest of our night we danced to the rhythms of Robin S-Show me Love and Corona-Rhythm of the Night , had more cocktails and celebrated our night this fabulous place with the best hostess and people surrounding us.

At this point I would like to thank the Moroccan Agency for Tourism Board and Faical that invited me to this amazing trip and the Buddha Bar for hosting this lovely night for us.

Cannot see the time to come back!



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