The Byzantium castle of Servia

The Byzantium castle of Servia
Keeping up with my Greek adventure posts, I wanted to share with you all what we did the day we visited the Byzantium castle of Servia.
After filling our bags with figs and other fruits from the forest, we kept going up the hill towards the Byzantium castle of Servia. This is one of the most historical areas of the region with the ruins of a castle and church dominating the landscape since the 6th century!
Back in time this town was of a great importance due to its geographic position that even Alexander the Great passed through on his way to Thebes in 335 B.C. How remarkable! Byzantium castle of Servia
Since it is a short walk from my parents house, I used to play here as a child, chasing birds, hiding behind the church and observing the house rooftops as the views from here are breath-taking. Along the castle and church there are also a number of 10th century Byzantine cave hermitages and small churches located nearby, which add to the historic atmosphere. Byzantium castle of Servia
 ^ ^ excuse the bruises on my right side, it’s the aftermath of an irresponsible driver hitting me with his car while I was cycling on my way to the office a few weeks ago ^ ^

Me and my darling sister explored a bit around the hill, reminiscing the times we were primary school students, chasing each other around the church during summer school holidays. Funny how it feels like it was only yesterday, but it’s been more than fifteen years since!

The temperatures were high (my poor body went through an intense shock these days and I am so happy I have a bag full of white tanks), so we found a place to get some rest and have some tea, before following our way back home. Byzantium castle of Servia

There was a wooden bench with a table just under the castle, in between the trees, so we sat there for a while, trying to cool down. My sister showed me her latest choreography- she is among many a salsa instructor and choreographer- that she has been preparing for a show she is organising at the end of the month. We chatted about all sort of things and then decided to go back home as we had to meet a few relatives before our trip to the South. Byzantium castle of Servia

Having only two days to spent with my parents was a bit emotional, a bit stressful (and very nostalgic), but I got used to being independent and living abroad by now, so even though it was a short period of time I am grateful for every minute we spent together 🙂

Now tell me, have you ever heard about Servia and the Byzantium castle?


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  1. Joie
    November 23, 2017 / 10:23 am

    Beautiful pictures Anastasia, love having this tour with you!

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