Sleep in Aberdeen, wake up in London!

The Caledonian Sleeper Experience Aberdeen to London || Can you imagine sleeping in a city at the far North of Scotland and waking up in central London? Because that’s exactly what happened to me the other day and my brain got bewildered!


I had hoped for travelling to London since before Christmas, but with me finishing my last experiment in the lab and not being able to take any days off I decided to keep aside any travel desire until last weekend when the Caledonian Sleeper train service made my dream come true!


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When: March/April 2017

Where: Caledonian Sleeper train service review Aberdeen – London


With London being so far away from Aberdeen (flying to Amsterdam sometimes feels closer if the air is on your side), I prefer travelling within Scotland knowing that I can then take full advantage of my weekend,-it’s only 2 days after all, so why waste time travelling? However, if there is a way to sleep in Aberdeen and wake up in London hassle free then I am totally up for it, and this is what the Caledonian Sleeper offers.


The idea of travelling with the sleeper train came to me a few months back when I was with Michelle talking over coffee about ways to travel down to London as soon as possible and after she was announced that her flight was cancelled due to weather conditions. We stared at each other, panicking and thinking there must be a way to get down to London without using a 16 hours bus service or having to drive yourself! And so we started Googling stuff until we came upon the Caledonian Sleeper service!


Thursday evening and without further ado, I jumped on the train departing from Aberdeen station to London Euston. I was travelling first class which meant I had my own cabin and I could get a decent night sleep before arriving in London. Even when the train left Aberdeen and I saw the city lights through my window, I still couldn’t believe that when I’d wake up I would be in London! All I had to do was relax, read a few pages of my book and sleep.


Caledonian Sleeper train service review Aberdeen London

Caledonian Sleeper train service review Aberdeen London


Prior to my trip, I was being told that the Caledonian Sleeper train is to be renovated soon and that the cabins are not something out of a 5* star hotel, but the idea and only that you do not have to stress for a flight, and waste time and money getting to and from the airports is the biggest bonus to me. So if I have a comfy, clean bed, a warm duvet and two soft pillows then I need nothing more to be content about travelling arrangements.


how big is the first class cabin at the Caledonian sleeper train Aberdeen to London, Caledonian Sleeper train service review Aberdeen London


The cabin had two big mirrors, one by the desk and one behind the door, an adjustable table next to the bed, a big window to enjoy the views along the journey, two coat hangers and space enough to fit 3 standing people (tested when two of the cabin crew members came in my room to show me around),  so quite spacious for a train cabin.

After I was shown my room, I was provided with a towel (that I could use to shower next day at the lounge in Euston station), and a sleepers kit that contained Arran cosmetics, a pair of socks, a mini face towel, a pair of earbuds and a sleeping silk eye mask!

The train attendant asked me what I would like for breakfast-I went for eggs with salmon- and what time I would like to wake up, before leaving me on my own peace.


Caledonian Sleeper train service review Aberdeen London


Next day, I heard a gentle knock on my door and that was my 7am wake up call, telling me coffee and eggs where waiting for me at the lounge, just an hour before we got into London! I sat in a table by the window, sipping my coffee, watching the sunrise and letting the views sunk in as much as possible. It was the start to a great journey and before I realised it I read the ‘Euston’ station sign.


I cannot thank enough the Caledonian Sleeper train team for organising this trip for me and also for preparing such a lovely itinerary for me to follow….


..but more on it tomorrow!

Anastasia x

*Caledonian Sleeper train service review Aberdeen London


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  • Steff
    April 5, 2017

    I would really love to do this someday, getting in and out of London for air travel does add a lot of stress to the experience! This sounds so civilized! 🙂 x

  • Jojo
    April 5, 2017

    I am so jealous of your travels Anastasia.
    Your Instagram pictures from London look brilliant. Keep it up please!

  • Aileen
    April 14, 2017

    I have never done the sleeper but I have done the train when we took a family holiday there. Honestly I would do it again compared to plane travel. We flew to London the other weekend and whilst it was amazing. Basically the day we came home was just put aside for travelling back to the aiport. We left the house we were staying in at 1 and didn’t get home to our house in Aberdeen until 9. When we took the train, it was pretty much the same times 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the experience!