Welcome friends to another Friday Edit! This week mainly comprised of grocery shop trips, to replenish the fridge after being away for days and bedroom renovation projects – I finally ordered the last few things needed to finish the alcove shelves. Without further ado, here’s what happened this past week:

ONE// I cooked Madeleine Shaw’s mushroom, lentil & coconut stew and it was DELICIOUS! I always love Madeleine’s recipes (I even took the Get The Glow challenge last year!) and lifestyle suggestions and this stew was just another example of her great taste. Try it!

TWO// Reading the last experimental chapter of my PhD thesis once again in order to remind myself how and why I did things the way I did them before writing my final academic paper. Not the most pleasant of activities, but sometimes things must be done.

THREE// Having warmer, longer, brighter days that remind me that better days will come. I am a sun worshipper and adore sunny days and blue skies, so I am a happy girl when I get my daily dose of sunshine and these days I got plenty of it.

FOUR// Ordering extra sand papers and paint from ebay to finish the bedroom decoration. All this time I was torturing myself in the thought of driving back and forth to B&Q, until I realised (genius, right?) that I could order the exact same things from ebay and have them delivered on my doorstep… Oh, THE RELIEF!

FIVE// Watching Amy Schumer’s ‘Growing’ on Netflix Special and laughing my head off at her pregnancy jokes. Her narrates and jokes are so honest and, at times, cathartic, its impossible not to love her.

SIX// Getting back on the habit of blogging! After spending way too much time trying to increase my Instagram followers, all thanks to Marketing agencies and PRs constantly reminding me the absolute necessity of reaching 10k followers (which is such.an.agony!) to get the ‘swipe-up’ feature, I have finally decided to get back on blogging 3 times per week and forget about my social media. At the end of the day, Natbee’s is the only platform I have full control on, so let Instagram be!

SEVEN// Cruzy’s birthday! Today Cruzy turns 3 years old and even though I hate the thought of him growing older I am fully embracing our time together and going to bake him a big bacon cake with shredded carrots that I am hoping hes going to enjoy very much. Happy birthday lovely Cruzy, may you have a life filled with biscuits and walks x

And with all this we came to the end of another working week.

How are you spending your weekend? Any great plans? It will be plastering and painting for me I am afraid…



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