Happy Friday friends and welcome to another instalment of The Friday Edit blog Series!

Today, I found myself back in the laboratory at my old work packing up my things, recycling papers I won’t be reading anymore, disposing the old soils that I stored up until now just in case I had to repeat an experiment and saying goodbye to my colleagues. Oh, and of course transferring all my data from my old desktop to my laptop. I didn’t even remember I had so many documents and photos there!

This week left me with mixed emotions. On one hand, I am so happy to go back home in just a week’s time and spent time with my sister in sunny Volos. On the other hand, I am reluctant leaving Cruzy for a month even though I know he is in good hands with his dad – if only I could get him in my luggage! Anyway, enough with the silly thoughts, let’s take a closer look at what happened this week:

ONE // I found some cheap tickets to travel to Italy from Greece with my sister, and even though we still haven’t agreed on the dates I am already looking for hotels and things to do in Naples once we arrive 🙂 I guess once you get the travel bug, you have it forever!

TWO // Meeting with my friend Vasileia the other day at John Lewis. I have been working with John Lewis for sometime now and along with my payment for our latest collaboration I was offered a tea for two. So, Vasileia and I found ourselves drinking tea and eating cake at the John Lewis Cafe talking about all things life. I am planning to hire a photographer for my blog once I get back in Aberdeen after Greece so our emphasis was on the style of photography I want for Natbee’s and Vasileia’s business plan of becoming a full-time photographer. How exciting!

THREE // Reading blogs that make me feel happy and visually make me travel away with their stunning photography! There is something magical in reading blogs rather than scrolling down an Instagram feed, it really feels like reading a magazine with the only difference that you get to know the author/blogger a bit more! Here are some I am currently obsessed with:


Louella Reese

Carly the Prepster

FOUR // Finally buying some summer outfits! I have been seriously fed up of this grey, Scottish weather and the bulky, multi-layered outfits I am forced to wear for the past 8 months. So finally yesterday, I got out and about and got myself some beautiful, colourful clothes with floral and gingham patterns that I am now looking forward to wear by the seaside in Greece!

FIVE // Dog sitting this weekend! Some time ago, my American friend Chloe – that you might remember from this Thanksgiving in Aberdeen post – asked me if I could take care of her dog Freddie while she was away. We met in the park to introduce Freddie to Cruzy and vice versa and then we had Freddie staying at out place for one night. Everything went wonderfully with Cruzy enjoying Freddie’s company so I am delighted to have Freddie back in our flat this weekend! Three hours until he comes here and I am already counting down, bring him sooner Chloe please do!

That’s all for now, I hope you have a lovely weekend and I will keep you posted about Freddie’s and Cruzy’s adventures over on my Instagram.




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  • Shannon
    March 23, 2018

    It is always tough when things change. Transitions and saying goodbyes can be so tough! Here is hoping you have a wonderful time with your sister 🙂

    • Anastasia
      March 30, 2018

      Thanks Shannon, I am looking forward to this time x

  • allie provost
    March 24, 2018

    thank you so much for including me in this! it absolutely made my day!! also i hope you have an amazing time in naples with your sister! once you decide on dates of course haha have a wonderful weekend!


    • Anastasia
      March 30, 2018

      Ah thanks reading Natbee’s Allie, I love your blog! x