The Friday Edit- {Things to do in Aberdeen this Weekend}

As much as I love travelling and exploring new places, Aberdeen is the city I live and spend my time meeting friends, working and embracing life moments.
If I really give an accurate depiction of how Aberdeen feels most of the time that would be grey, the buildings are built from granite material and the sky is blue very rarely. In the spirit of trying to be positive and forget about my Mediterranean genes (that will forever be craving of warm, proper summers and blue skies), I’ve put together a few of the things you should try this summer that might make you feel better, and since we are sharing things on this blog please let me know in the comments more about your suggestions…


We are spoiled for choice with two rivers crossing Aberdeen, river Dee and river Don surrounding the city from East to West. In my days in Aberdeen I have lived nearby both rivers, river Don when I was living in student accommodation back in 2013 and as in January close to river Dee. Both rivers have a quite picturesque pathway to walk along their side but my favourite one is river Don as it feels more open spaced, plus it is opposite Duthie Park so you can always pop in for a wee coffee 🙂


I never feel better than when I am outdoors and especially if food is involved in the form of cake. Having impromptu picnics is one of these things that you have to try in Aberdeen this weekend! Get yourself a picnic basket, pack it with loads of goodies (giving special emphasis on having baked a banana bread and rolled some quickly made oat-raisin energy balls to take with you), get some books, sunglasses (always the optimistic), a few drinks and off you go! Don’t get your phone, there is nothing more sad than people spending their time above a screen while they are outdoors. Try to live in the moment…


Even if you are Aberdeen born and raised I am certain there are areas that you have never visited. While we tend to stick to our comfort zones or be absorbed by our daily routine, there are areas that are being developed and are ready to be explored. Try to do something different this week and change your normal way to work, go through some other route and pay attention to details, the flowers in the windows, the colourful doors, there you have it, a new place to explore when you will have more time during the weekend. I was so happy to discover Brig o’Balgownie just near the student halls in 2013, simply by changing my daily walk to the University. Who would have thought!


outfit details: jacket-c/o FatFace #washedinhappiness collection, shorts and top-Zara, shoes-Adidas

After a hard week at work why not treat yourself to a nice spa treatment that will take care of your skin and will certainly leave you more relaxed than ever? I cannot think of a better way to start this weekend! Truly #washedinhappiness

What are your top tips for a weekend of happiness?
Anastasia x


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