The little things that make me happy // Little Secrets of Happiness

The little things that make me happy // Little Secrets of Happiness

I know I am exaggerating with this title but now that I got your attention I would like to share my happiness tips with you. As a person I am very positive and its been said to me frequently that people are annoyed of my positive attitude. They cant stand me smilling all the time or having an unspeakable amount of positive energy. I cant imagine that people are actually annoyed with someone’s happiness! Its not bad being happy, or is it? So this post is dedicated to the rest of you, the one’s who enjoy positive people around them 🙂

1. Appreciate what you have because you have all you need. Stop dreaming of this new bag or pair of shoes and how you are gonna save money in order to buy them, ’cause you already have enough and its exactly what you need! Embrace your family and friends more and be less materialistic.
2. Do more of what makes you happy. Yoga, cooking, blogging, visiting the sea, whatever it might be, just do it!
3. Have faith in you and never stop believing. Be the biggest fan of yourself. Reward yourself when you achieve something big and be nice all the time.
4. Enjoy other people’s success. Don’t envy other people for what they have accomplished, instead be happy for them. They say a good friend is the one that joys and is proud of the other’s success. I can’t agree anymore.
5. Help other’s. When someone in need be there for him. Help as many as you can, as much as you can and dont expect anything in return.
6. There is nothing wrong with feeling defeated sometime. Hey, we all have bad days but remember you are allowed to fall down but always stand up!
7. Surround yourself only with people that are happy and deserve to be with you. Never spent a minute with a negative, miserable person you will most definitely end up like this.
8. Be the person who you would love to meet.
9. You are not a tree. If you dont like where you are or what you do then change what you are doing. Quit your job, move to a lovely place and make new friends. Been there, done that and it was the best desicion of my life so far!
10. Dont forget karma exists what goes around comes around, and when it comes around it might be bad.

What are your happiness secrets? I would love to hear them!


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