The Orangery at Kensington palace, London

Is there a sweetest way to embrace British summer than an evening at the Kensington palace gardens accompanied by a visit to the Orangery?

Most people know Kensington palace as home to Princess Diana, however Kensington palace was originally a private country house and the birthplace of Queen Victoria. Luckily for us, nowadays it is open to public visitors who can spend a lovely day here, reliving Victorian times and having a cup of tea at the Orangery, the beautiful cafe next to the gardens.

Kensington palace is crawling with tourists, especially this time of the year, but even born and bred Londoners do not get enough of this side of West London. The Orangery was built in 1704 for Queen Anne to protect her citrus tress from harsh winter temperatures. With big glass windows, high ceilings and sweeping views over the gardens, the Orangery is a flawless venue, perfect to add a little majesty in your life!

Walking through the doors and you feel like a princess, living moments of a fairytale movie. I strolled around the gift shop as my friend and I didn’t book a table and everything was fully booked at that time. Afternoon tea at the gardens is a guilty pleasure that someone must try, so we promised ourselves to get back with a pre-booked table next time 🙂 I loved the beautiful, light blue, china tea pots and golden, miniatures. There was a sweet taste in the atmosphere and people were cheerful, polite (and well dressed if I may say so!).

Looking for some sunshine we headed to the Kensington gardens where we sat to admire the beauty and tranquility of the flowers, what a magnificent work they have done here! Even though we didn’t get in the gardens, I could still smell the roses and lavender flowers 🙂

And that’s how our evening to the Orangery ended. More about my London short trip tomorrow 🙂

Have you ever been to the Orangery?

Anastasia x


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