The perfect Valentine’s weekend getaway in Paris

Travelling for Valentine’s to the ‘city of love’ has no doubt been the highlight of this month…
Where: Paris, France
When: February, 2016

As the temperatures are not hot enough to wander around the streets, warming up in cute coffee shops along Rue Montorgueil and enjoying fresh pastries from the traditional patisseries was a win-win situation during Valentine’s. To me there is something so romantic about Paris in wintertime, I love wrapping up all cosy and have my fine piece of man to accompany me while wayfaring in and out of pretty boutiques.
On Valentine’s day and after we left our lovely Airbnb flat, we made sure to make the most of our day as we were flying back to Scotland later on the evening. We purchased day metro tickets and headed to the river, it was so sunny I even wore my sunglasses! Typically, we had our first stop at Pont Neuf before heading to the Eiffel tower. We stopped for a delicious lunch at a traditional restaurant, were we had the most mouth-watering strawberry cheesecake and raspberry panacotta ever-so, so good! Next we caught the metro to the Louvre museum and picked up some Laduree famous macarons along the way-because it’s Valentine’s and sugar overloaded was totally permitted 🙂
We crossed the Seine and walked along the side of the river towards Notre Dame and as we were both quite stuffed with our food choices we decided not to have another lunch break but to get back to the flat, pick our stuff and head to the airport for our fight.
By this point I was tired and all I wished for is to have a good flight back home-which I am so grateful it was! Being back in Paris was an absolute delight, maybe next time I will even vlog the whole trip to get you into the magic of the place.

Are you thinking of visiting Paris anytime soon?

Anastasia x


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  • Victoria Pease
    January 17, 2017

    I miss Paris, I went there in September 2015 and it was such a magical trip and we couldn’t even fit in half the things we wanted to do. Perhaps a long weekend is just what I need!

    • Anastasia
      January 17, 2017

      Every single Valentine’s all I am thinking about is Paris! Sadly this year I can’t move any further away than Scotland but I have high hopes to make it as a tradition from 2018 and onward!!!

    • Anastasia
      January 17, 2017

      (sorry hit the reply button too soon), so here’s to hoping and having great Parisian long weekends!