The Richmod Cafe, Edinburgh

I woke up on Sunday morning having HUGE cravings for bougatsa, a phyllo pastry pie filled with semolina cream. For Greeks bougatsa is what sausages & beans is for Brits, it can’t get any more typical than this when it comes to a breakfast option. Bougatsa is the ultimate Greek breakfast!

Steven loves bougatsa so for a moment we both wished we could travel to a Greek island and enjoy this masterpiece, but then reality hit us so all we were left with was Google.

We typed bougatsa in Edinburgh and this cute little cafe came up on the searhes, apparently the only Greek coffee place in the city. But what was even more striking it was its location, five minutes away from Steven’s flat, I mean how more lucky could we be?

Upon entering the place I got a huge relief to see bougatsa on display along with spanakopita (Greek spinach pie) and other treats. With a huge smile on our faces we ordered our coffees and food and sat by the window.

The service was quick and the owners very chatty and smiley. I asked them for how long they run the business and they said its been almost a year now, explaining the reason we didn’t know its existence!

The coffee had a great flavour, the food was more than we expected to get for a place outside Greece, and now looking through these pictures all I want is to go back as soon as possible.

If you are in Edinburgh area I strongly recommend this place, feel free to book a table here and let me know if you visit.

Until next time Richmond Cafe!

xx Anastasia


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