The Style Edit // Packing for Santorini, what to wear in the Greek islands

The Style Edit // Packing for Santorini, what to wear in the Greek islands

This post’s intention is not to bore you to sleep with a packing monologue, but since I found myself googling about Santorini outfits and what to wear in Santorini (despite the fact that I have been in the island before), I thought it might be of some use to you!

This morning I had a contagious energy for packing coming from the fact that Steven had all of his things ready since last night. Contemplative acting before going to bed, right?

I, on the other hand, am always thinking about what to wear for each occasions, so given that we will be cruising around the Greek islands I had to make sure I am ready for hiking sunsets in Santorini, diving in the crystal blue waters of Leros, walks by the harbour of Amorgos, drinking games at Kos and yoga on board. During this trip we will be visiting five different islands, each of unique character so my outfits had to be accordingly.

So here’s what I packed for a week away:
-three dresses, two shorts, yoga shorts and bras, three bikinis, one monokini, two pairs of sandals, one pair of trainers (for when we go hiking), a cardigan (as seen in the picture above), a messenger bag, a backpack, two pairs of sunglasses, two beach shirts, one hat, two skirts, a camisole and last but not least loads of white t-shirts.
-all clothes are lightweight and made out of cotton materials. I always follow the rule ‘the higher the temperature the more the layers’ so that my skin won’t absorb much of the sunlight and won’t get sunburns within the first couple of hours in the island(s).
-Most of the clothes are white or blue-my packing colour palette goes with the stunning background of the Greek islands.
-I wear minimum make-up when on holidays so my sunglasses, a hat and a sun protection cream will do the job!

That’s all for now, I have to hurry up and catch my plane.
I will be off line for the next weeks so follow me on Instagram if you fancy a taste of summer!

Anastasia x


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