This past week’s ‘The Friday Edit‘ vanished into thin air, thanks to a few website limitations that found me unable to upload images on any of my blog posts! At the beginning I panicked but when frustration went away, I got in touch with all my web designer friends to ask for help hoping that we would find a quick solution and I’d stick to my blogging schedule. There was nothing I could do, so I let it go and came back today with some new, fresh content, thus, The Sunday Edit title of this post, which I am hoping you are going to like.

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ONE// This week I felt life scale was very much unbalanced, favouring the unexpected and sorrowful more than the merry. News coming up on the surface about Kate Spade’s death followed only 3 days later by Anthony Bourdain’s death had me thinking about mental health and the possibility that people around me might be affected by such issues. I, for one, have struggled in the past with my mental health, as a matter of fact, I felt completely lost last year around this time, mainly due to the immense Ph.D. stress I was going through. Working on social media was to my disadvantage, I had to appear content and I felt that I could never really talk publicly about the struggles I was dealing because Natbee’s is a diary of all the cheerful things in my life. I am in a MUCH better place this year though so if you are reading this and dealing with any sort of stress, remember that life is truly a circle and whatever comes around, goes around! If you feel that you are not in the right place now, wait for a sign and just follow it. Trust fate and good things will come!

TWO// Moving on the happy things that are about to happen… My Mum is flying in Edinburgh tomorrow and I can barely hold my excitement!!! I am travelling down to Edinburgh on Tuesday evening to check in our hotel (we are staying at The Principal Edinburgh Charlotte Square) before heading to the airport to welcome Mum! We will be travelling around Scotland for the next 3 weeks and I will try to do my best to document everything on the blog – mainly for Dad’s sake who has been left out and demanded he gets regular updates of what we did and where we went, here on the blog! I am working on it Dad, don’t you worry! 😉

THREE// Watching thousands of women marching in the streets of major UK cities to celebrate centenary of women getting right to vote was so touching. To think that just 100 years ago women were not allowed to vote is inconceivable!

FOUR// Love Island. Before saying anything further, I must disclose that I was that snob that thought Love Island is only for shallow people ( (:P ) and I could not understand their obsession. Well, I am one of them now, not the shallow ones (even though one could call me so) but I am a huge fan of the Series. I found myself watching the first episode out of boredom and curiosity and ended up being obsessed. Anyone else watching Love Island this year?

And that’s what marked last week. Here’s to having a gorgeous new one!



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  • Nicky Alexon
    June 11, 2018

    It is truly devastating to see people taking their own lives but the moral of it is that depression hits everyone -regardless of their fame or financial status. I am seriously hoping tha people will start talking more about mental health and how social media affects younger people!

  • Shannon
    June 11, 2018

    I am so glad to hear that you are in a happier place now. It really is scary to think about how many people are affected by mental illness and issues like anxiety and depression. There are so many people I know personally who struggle with these things and it is incredibly important to be a support.