Blogging 101: 10 things I have learnt over 9 years of blogging!

Blogging advice, lessons after 9 years of blogging

With the new design being finally ready and live (yah!) I thought it would be the perfect timing to sum up and share with you Things I’ve learned from blogging over the past nine years. I thought these blogging tips might be of use to some of you, especially if you are at your early years of blogging or are about to give blogging a try yourself soon! Blogging 101, Things I’ve learned from blogging

1::Just do it! If you love reading blogs and thinking of creating your own one, just go for it! You never know where this first blog post will take you to- I have never imagined that Natbee’s would shape my early twenties and take me where I am today!
2::Why do you blog?  Before you start blogging you have to ask yourself, why are you jumping into this? In my case blogging was a way I could express my creativity, be in touch with family and escape my 9-5 routine. Figuring out what is the purpose behind blogging can save you time, money and direct you towards the right pathway.
3:: Write about the things you love. One thing I can wholeheartedly advise you is that starting a blog for the freebies is the biggest mistake of them all. None of the top bloggers got into it for the freebies and-unlike today-nine years back blogging was a hobby, something that someone would start out of passion, not to get a few free cocktail and a new sweater. Blogging should be a thing you are willing to do even if you will never get something out of it, and this is why it is important to blog about things you love!
4::Your blog is unique. Never, ever fall in the trap of comparing yourself to others. It is easy to forget all the years of hard work popular bloggers have put into their blogs, but it is something you have to remind yourself every time you fall into comparisons. Rome wasn’t build in a day, right? Blogging 101, Things I’ve learned from blogging
5::Socialise. Go to events, introduce yourself and engage with the blogging community. It is always nice to get to know like minded people and to make new friends, especially if you are new to a place or the community.
6::On self promotion. Have a clear photo of yourself in the about page. Readers and companies, like to see the face behind the blog (unless if you would like to maintain your anonymity which is perfectly fine).
7::On photography. When taking pictures, white backgrounds do not necessarily work better. Experiment with your style and try to be a bit different than the rest. I have changed my photography style millions times so far, from marble tables to wooden window frames, just use anything that works for you the best. Blogging 101, Things I’ve learned from blogging
8::On Instagram. Try to maintain a theme in your Instagram account. My Instagram is all about sashed windows, breakfast flatlays, bikes, cobbled streets, travels and a few occasional outfits because this is what I like to take pictures of, it reflects my personality and my life on a daily basis, and luckily it makes an insta-theme without putting to much thought into it.
9::The magic pack. Create a blog media pack if you don’t have one already. It is the best and quickest way to provide to companies who would like to work with you information about your blog stats, outreach, advertorial works, press coverage etc.
10::On negativity. People might dislike you and make assumptions about you, but that’s OK. If you receive comments with constructive criticism then take a moment and see what you can gain out of them. If it is negativity with no basis then leave it behind. In most cases, it is out of jealously and it is their problem not yours. Blogging 101, Things I’ve learned from blogging
And a bonus 10 + one:: your family and friends will always support you and be happy about your blog in good and bad times. These are the people who will do everything to show how proud they are of your achievements and will be patient to let their food get cold while you take the 10th picture of the table flatlay ‘for the blog’
That’s all from me now, if you like these blogging 101 posts then I will possibly make them more regular, what do you think? Blogging 101, Things I’ve learned from blogging


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  • Giulia
    January 9, 2017

    What a fantastic post! So terribly true and accurate! x

    • Anastasia
      January 9, 2017

      Thank you Giulia, I am so glad you liked it! xx