Things to love // A house to live in

This is the cutest entryway I’ve ever seen!
celebrate everything
I’m gonna print that and have it somewhere in my entryway 
living room
 Stripes and flowers for the living room
working space
Wall art deco for my working space
dinning room
Chevron chairs and frames on the wall for the living room
Look at that colour!
Black, white and a touch of purple to make you relax and dream all night long..
Since I moved in London I haven’t got a minute to think how to improve the interior design of my house and make it look like a place to live in. For the time being half of my clothes are lying on the floor while my shoes are still in the boxes (trust me it doesn’t look much like a place to enjoy yourself). So tonight is the night that I got the big decision to change everything and make this place more appropriate for humans. Pinterest is my valuable inspiration tool and if you are not following me yet, you can find me here. I’ve been pinning all day and here is my plan:
Focus on a style // romantic, minimalistic-whatever you like and makes you feel better
Always take into consideration the material (and colour) of the floor // I love wooden floors
If you live in a small apartment (my case) focus on clever storage solutions to gain some space for yourself (and shoes and bags and….that’s a never ending story…)
Less is more // don’t decorate too much, its a waste of time, money and space
Have some fresh flowers and plants, they bring positiveness in your life!
Disclaimer: I am not an expert but after pinning for so many hours these are the tips that I got for my space. Hope you find them useful. Have a great day!
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