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Hi lovelies,


As I told you a while ago, I received some special gifts during X-mas.However due to my absence back in Greece I’ve only seen them after I got back to the University. Those little things were highly appreciated and I would like to share them with you..



This special bracelet was sent by my friend Sara। It was made by her and that gives extra love credits to me 🙂 Sara is my American sister and its one of my true friends in this world that supports me no matter how far away we are from each other। Back in time when she was in Greece we were thinking of doing the same tattoo or wearing a friendship bracelet to feel closer when she would return back in the USA. We wanted to have something in common, something that we would look at everyday and it would remind the one to each other. This bracelet is one of those friendship bracelets that we were talking about and we are inseparable friends since I received it..
Thanks Sara!



This X-mas card is actually a picture that Louise from Raspberries in Winter sent to me, along with the yellow thank you note and the amazing grey handmade purse! She is a very talented girl which did this lovely purse on her own. Its adorable and when I received it I was full of happiness 🙂



Louise’s yellow note



The handmade purse she sent me 🙂



Meet the Bubble making fish!



The purse was lined with a sweet floral pattern in light blue and white


Last but not least I got this fabulous light blue dress from Tieka of Selective Potential. Tieka which I’m pretty sure you all have heard about is a gorgeous girl who has this fantastic blog and an awesome band. Along with the dress I also got this sweet heart-shaped card with this marvelous card-picture.
Arent they just fabulous?


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