Happy girl

Happy girl

During this week I had 5 interviews in 4 different Universities for PhD projects, meaning I had to travel everyday in a different city. I was so stressed but it was totally worth it 🙂
My interview adventures started on Tuesday at York University, then on Wednesday at Reading University in the morning and Warwick University in the afternoon and finally Cranfield University on Thursday.
I was stressed if I would succeed and what would happen in case I would lose the train and not be on time (that thought was really scary).
After all all this studying (every project had a different subject) I managed to get the scholarship at Cranfield University. Another 3 years of funded studies..yah!
“Miracles can happen” and day by day I believe more and more to myself.
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



Anastasia is a Greek in Scotland via England! She’s passionate about life in Aberdeen, exploring new places and petting dogs. When not working she runs Natbee’s and enjoys countryside walks with her puppy Cruz.

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