Things to love // Him


Dear Boyfriend,

I dreamed of writing you a letter two nights ago and here I am today writing you this letter that I will never send to you…
I miss you all the time and all I am dreaming of is you and me spending sometime together in an island..
I miss our dinners together every night when I am anorexic and I deny to eat but you tell me to make an effort.
I miss our daily shopping routine and that you always buy whatever I want, even if I just say ‘look at that, isnt it lovely?’..and then you go and buy it…
I miss our daily walks in the park and that every day when I get back home from the office you have food for me..
I miss your gorgeous face while you smile at me…
I miss your eyes everytime you look at me and you give me that ‘glance’..
I miss your intelligence!
I miss my morning feet massage when I complain that I cant feel them..
I miss the song that you whisper every morning for me to wake up..

I guess I miss more than I thought and that’s why I cant sleep at nights without having you on Skype all night long…
Please make time go by quickly and come back in my life..
Because I MISS YOU

Much Love,
Your little stupid hazelnut <3