Self-confidence lessons…by Don!

It’s been sometime now that I doubt myself a lot and I seem to have forgotten how good I am at particular things. I keep blaming this on my tutor, all he keeps saying is that I am wrong, even when I am talking about something I really know and he doesn’t. He made me change even the way I do my presentations, when everyone else in their feedback said that I presented with dignity and like “Hollywood star”. People even said that despite that I am not a native speaker, no one could tell the difference, which I took as such a compliment!


For a while I thought he hates me, but reality is he sees some sort of potential in me and he tries to make me better, but in a unique, sometimes rude way…


Today I had a discussion with my friend Don and he made me think again the reason why I am here. I am here because I have an aim in my life, I am going through all that stress because I want to take a PhD degree and work as an academic. I want to transfer all my knowledge to other people and I believe that I have that ability. Therefore, I decided not to let ANYONE make me forget my initial purpose!!

As my friend said: “You need to look more in the mirror every day. You are a charismatic girl with plenty of good things and an incredible personality. Believe in you, forget what everyone says and re-focus on your purpose“.
And thats what I am going to do!