Things to love // Team work

Things to love // Team work

That’s the bazaar we organised for one of our classmates in order to raise money for him, since his bank account is frozen due to the war in his country.
I am so pleased to help people but this time I was extremely happy because the money would be for someone close to me!
I am the representative of my MSc course and when I e-mailed my Professor to ask for his help he replied saying:
‘Your group is one of the best group of students I have come across in my long life in the University systems!!!’

I think that was the most moving moment for me, when someone like him said those words.
At the day of the bazaar many people told us that what we do is really important. Also people came just to say a kind word, like congratulations.
Though I was tired organising my luggage to move in London, I am really happy that we information worked as a team for the last time and did something like that..
When I got back home, the taxi driver did not charge me and when I asked him why, he is said its part of the charity services and an award for our humanitarism.
Isn’t it wonderful when people behave so generously?



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