Things to love // The decision

Things to love // The decision

As I have mentioned before one of my classmates is in a really bad situation due to the war in Libya.Nevertheless today we had some team presentations at class and he looked depressed. While I was walking back home I was thinking what can we do and when I say ‘we’ I mean me and my classmates…..and all of a sudden…I had a brilliant idea!
Why dont we sell our clothes? Everyone has a t-shirt, a belt or a hat that doesnt wear that often, so why dont we gather them and sell them in a open market at the University campus?
I quickly send messages to all my friends, classmates and the Greek community. Everyone agreed!
Also I e-mailed our tutor asking him a favour;I want him to get somehow from the University’s data the bank account number of my friend, so as to donate the money anonymously..
I prefer our friend to know that we care about him, rather than think we feel sorry about him. Everyone agreed and I will start collecting clothes from tomorrow (so if you leave close to us, drop a line to meet you)
If we work like a team…WE CAN DO!

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