Things to love // Walking down the streets of Newcastle

Things to love // Walking down the streets of Newcastle

Good morning friends! Today, Giorgos and I walked up and down the streets of Newcastle in an attempt to find a cafe with wireless internet connection seeing as the wireless connection in my student accommodation room wasn’t working once again..

Even though I’ve been living here for almost 6 months now, I still haven’t gotten the time to properly explore the city and get to know the best bits of it. Most of my days are spent studying in the library, attending lectures and lab demonstrations or working in the farm (which is part of the MSc course). So today I was delighted when we got some time to explore the centre, and since Giorgos is here I was super excited to show him around 🙂

Since I knew that we would be walking for a long time, I wore something comfortable but girly. I bought this skirt from Primark last week and I love how comfortable and easy to pair it is! I also love how elegant it swings while I am moving, if only I could take some tango classes somewhere in Newcastle, that would be the perfect skirt to wear!

Giorgos bought a new laptop case and he thinks he looks ‘professional’ now!

We ended up in a small, cozy cafe by the River, Giorgos had an Americano and I got some apple juice as I still don’t like coffee…

Anyway, that’s all from me for now! How was your day? Anything exciting planned for you?


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