5 Things you Have to See at the Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow

So what to do when you have only an hour to spend around the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Musem? You find the museum director, ask him about the Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum and off you go exploring! A favourite place for family and friend since 1901, with 22 themed galleries and more than 8,000 incredible objects to explore, the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum is one of the top attractions to visit in Glasgow. As part of my recent trip to Glasgow, I got to talk to the museum director, gather some information about the history of the museum, how it operates, how many exhibitions they have, and all the backstage facts, that made me love the museum even more!
Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum
Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum



  • It first opened its doors in 1901!
  •  It’s a free attraction and the most popular in Scotland.
  •  The main entrance is from the Kelvingrove park and not Argyle Street. 
  •  During the World War II most of the museum’s valuables were hidden in secret locations.
  •  There is an urban myth that the architect committed a suicide by leaping from one of the towers.
  • The central hall can be hired during evening times for private events.
Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum
Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum
Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum
Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum
Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum

And now, the 5 things you have to see at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum::

Roger the Elephant, none of the stuffed animals in the museum were killed for the purpose of exhibiting them, and the same goes for Roger. He was a zoo elephant, who sadly got a brain disease that drove him crazy and he started attacking people, hence he got put down. You can still see the shot on his forehead, which is intriguing to many. He is one of the greatest museum attractions-very popular among the kids!
Christ of St John of the Cross by Salvador Dali, this is an oil on canvas painting that was brought in the museum in 1952. It is a painting that has been given many interpretations by various artists and is still yet to be fully understood. An interesting fact is that if you pay close attention at the half bottom of the painting you will notice a huge scratch (that has been luckily restored), a few years back someone attached the painting with a knife, because he thought Dali was insulting his religion. Luckily, specialists restored the painting with the least damage possible. Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum
The Spitfire plane (displayed on top of Roger the Elephant). Unlike the common belief this is not a plane that was in action during the World War II.
The floating heads, like a release of balloons, the heads bring lightness, humour and all sort of expressions to this building. It was inspired by the varied collection of marble busts at the museum, and the aim of  the design was to develop a total vision for Kelvingrove with genuine appeal to the hearts and minds of the ordinary people of Glasgow. Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum
The Dutch, the French and the Mackintosh collections. OK that’s three and not one collection but it’s tough to decide which one is best, so if you can visit all of them that would be ideal. These paintings are considered to be the finest and most comprehensive in the world with individual masterpieces among the paintings. Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum
And that’s an hour’s worth visit at the Kelvingrove Museum! Things to see at the Kelvingrove Museum
At this part I’d like to thank the Kelvingrove museum people for having us there and the Glasgow marketing team for inviting us for this marvelous weekend around Glasgow.

Have you ever been to the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum?


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