This weekend…

…as told by my camera roll!

This past week has been very much an up and down which I guess is to be expected these days. It’s a strange feeling, isn’t it? Some days seem fine and then others are just wretched. Come Friday I found myself stressing out about everything and anything.

This weekend

Juggling work alongside online courses, blogging projects and a lockdown is too much right now and it might be the reason for my several days of insomnia. There’s nothing a strawberry lemon gin & tonic cannot cure though, especially if drunk in these gorgeous gold leaves glasses by Sarah Miller London*.


Embellished with 22-carat gold leaf detailing they brought a touch of luxury to my Friday night and made me feel a bit better about the whole situation. The gin & tonic most certainly helped too!

Saturday morning was a slow one. Despite last night’s delicious drinks I didn’t manage to get much sleep and I felt exhausted and not ready to deal with the day.

The Durrells book

I left the bed only to answer an unexpected knock on the door. Mr Postman delivered a very thoughtful gift to my doorstep – The Corfu Trilogy by Gerald Durrell. After watching the Series and feeling homesick to my bones it is so nice to view Corfu once again through the eyes of this peculiar English family. I cannot wait to find the time to go through it!

Jack Russell Aberdeen

In the evening, I went for a walk with Cruz and stopped every five minutes to take it all in: the birds singing, the feeling of the fresh air going through my lungs, the lush greenery surrounding us and of course Cruzy’s cheerful pacing through the woods all while balancing a big stick in his mouth. This dog can multi-task!

nettle pie recipe

Despite my initial intentions to forage wild garlic, there was none to be found so seeing as I stumbled upon plenty of nettles along the way, I had a change of heart and went for them instead.

nettle pie recipe

My grandma used to forage nettles and include them in many of her dishes, from light soups to tasty pies and risotto -which I fondly remember trying as a kid in her rustic kitchen. Determined to recreate one of her recipes, I braved myself and used the sleeve of my Barbour jacket to cut the toppings and stuck as many as I could in my backpack.

Back home, I washed them and sautéd them with herbs, spinach, green onions and seasoning before stuffing and rolling the phyllo pastry sheets.

nettle pie recipe

The result was surprisingly good and I was delighted to have some leftovers for today, they went down well with a glass of white wine!

this weekend

On Sunday morning I woke up by the loud chorus of blackbirds singing outside the window. In the midst of my dream, I confused it with my alarm and rushed to wake up thinking it was a working day.

It had been raining all night and the scent of the wet ground was refreshing and welcoming to smell first thing in the morning! Warblers, chiffchaff and blackbirds had camped overnight in the garden trees, and as soon as I opened the window I saw them all flying away, sadly I wasn’t too quick to capture the moment with my camera. Perhaps I will be luckier tomorrow morning?

This weekend

Breakfast was simple – banana and peanut butter on sourdough bread on my favourite China blue plate with a cup of tea.

This weekend
This weekend

Once the rain stopped, we rushed in the garden and spend some time enjoying the sunshine filtering through the cherry blossom tree.

Cruzy sniffed every corner and run around chasing butterflies and various insects before curling up in a ball next to me. Being a tiny Jack Russell must be tiring…

Antipodes skincare review

The rest of the day went by quickly. I watered the plants and got a few bluebells in the vase by the window. I cooked dinner, tidied up the bedroom and showered.

Antipodes skincare review

I applied my new skincare products, the Antipodes* water gel and gold eye-cream that I have been trying for a while now and went in bed eager to go through the pages of my new book.

Happy Monday folks, here’s to a good week for everyone!
*skincare products and wine glasses, gifted.


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