Let’s chat:: 10 Tips to Save Money for Travelling!

> Joanne, our lifestyle contributor, discusses about travelling and all the ways you can save money to do (more) travelling this year! <<


Watching people on Instagram travelling almost every month to a different continent can be overwhelming. Even though it sounds like a difficult thing to achieve, realistically speaking, with some good planning and action, you should too be able to save money for travelling. So, let’s make it our plan to visit Australia within the next 8 months, shall we?



Here’s our plan of action!


Shop only at the end of season, Black Friday or Boxing Day. Try avoid paying full price when possible by bookmarking the links of the products you like and buying them when discounted.


Save on food by following a meal plan for your lunch breaks. I used to pay £5-7 everyday during lunch break, buying food from the canteen. Try to cook twice per week and pack lunches instead, it makes a huge difference to your savings, trust me on this! Tried and tested 😉


Swap clothes or buy from your local thrift and charity shops. When me and my sister lived together we would swap clothes, hair products, even books and sunglasses. Now that she has moved away I am opting for thifting or swaping clothes with my best friends. Why buy another white denim jacket when I can borrow it from my friend!


Make a list before you go to the supermarket and NEVER go grocery shopping when you are hungry. I know this is quite obvious, however if you really put this advice into action not only you will save money but also time wasted around the supermarket corridors.



Look for coupons. Up until 2 years ago, I was totally against the idea of using Groupon and Itison. For some unknown reason I thought that their offers are tacky and a coupon purchase would be misleading rather than necessary since I get easily tempted. However, I was recently looking for an afternoon tea in my city and a whooping Groupon deal came on my screen. I eventually got myself a 50% discounted afternoon tea and treated myself and best friend to a lovely evening.


Don’t underestimate Poundland when it comes to toiletries and toilet paper shopping. I get it, Poundland and every other Pound shop might seem not the best place to do your shopping, but have you ever seen their laundry cleanser and fabric softener deals? I am talking about life saving stuff!


Know when to spend money. This might sounds contradicting, however knowing when to invest your money will save you more money than you think. If you are after an electrical device, go for the expensive one or the one with the highest reviews rather than the cheaper option. It will be a better investment and thus will save you more money in the long-term!



What are your top saving money tips?


J. x


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