Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen

Tivoli Gardens Copenhagen

Where: Copenhagen
When: May 2015
Location: Tivoli Gardens, 3 Vesterbrogade

Twinkling pavilions, a fantasy palace, open-air stage shows, fairy lights and loads of beers; Tivoli gardens has so much to offer and even more! We visited the virtual symbol of Denmark on Saturday midday and was thrilled to soak up this storybook atmosphere.

Dating in 1843, the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen are a pleasure park in the middle of the city with loads of things to offer for youngsters and adults. The story says that Walt Disney was inspired by the gardens and created his empire and that the gardens were loved by Michael Jackson who even tried to buy them-unsuccessfully as Danish were not willing to give up such a historic site.

Tivoli is indeed filled with interesting gardens-featuring thousands of beautiful flowers-games of chance, hot-air balloons, a mini China town and amusement park rides. Children love it because of the rides and candies abundance but adults enjoy it too as there is a great selection of restaurants to cool down the heat or find shelter during a spontaneous rain shower.

We had liquorice sticks while watching an open-air stage musical and then a few beers and open sandwiches at the KAHLER restaurant, which I totally recommend not because it has nice big windows that allow you to enjoy the views but mainly because it has the BEST open sandwich I have ever tasted!

In terms of prices Tivoli was as the rest of Copenhagen, a bit pricey for our pocket (approximately £15 for a sandwich and £8 for a beer) but I would certainly pay the price for this sandwich again. You get what you pay for, right?

Happy Friday!

*Thanks Tivoli Gardens team for having us.


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