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As in today I start a new blog series called “Travel with me to…”, that as the name suggests will take you to a different city every week. Since I am not a time traveler to teleport myself to various places I reached for help from my fellow bloggers and every week a different blogger will take you to her/his city. I am hoping that via this series you will get some ideas from a local’s mouth on what to see/do/eat in each city, as your personal tour guide!

I am the first to take off the series and what a better place to start than my favorite Scottish capital, Edinburgh! There are countless places to visit in Edinburgh and no matter how frequently I visit, there’s always something new to discover. I tried to summarise my favorites in a post, so here we go:



1// The Edinburgh Castle

If I had to pick just one place to take you on a day in Edinburgh that would be it! Lying on the top of the hill, it feels like it is observing the life of the city. Stunning architecture and so much history gathered in one place. I could spent a day wandering around!



2// The Royal Mile

This is the main street that takes you to the castle and even though packed with tourists 99% of times, it is stunningly beautiful. Picturesque buildings-that look as if they are taken out of an 18th century painting- are lined the one next to the other, having colourful shops offering local delicacies on the ground floor. Perfect if you are into shopping traditional products and souvenirs. Be prepared to listen to live backpipe music from local backpipers- it gets the whole Scottish experience to a different level.



3// Calton Hill

Just at the end of Princess street there’s a pathway that leads to a majestic Acropolis, where you can have a view of the entire city. Like the original Acropolis, the Scots decided to build a look-a-like Parthenon but due to funds lack it was never finished. Nowadays, the National Monument stands still in memory of the Scottish soldiers and sailors that gave their life in the Napoleic wars. If you are sort of time and you have to choose between Arthur’s Seat and Calton Hill then go for the second…



4// Arthur’s Seat

One of the reasons I absolutely love Edinburgh is because within 10′ you can escape the city vibes and be close to nature. With Steven’s flat being just a breath away from Arthur’s Seat, this has turn into one of our favourite places to visit when in the capital. Climbing on the top is not difficult- usually takes 40 minutes-and the views are simply breathtaking! Even if you visit Edinburgh for the weekend, I totally recommend you climb Arthur’s Seat. Don’t forget to take your camera and a bottle of water; never do the same mistake twice (ahem).



5// Princes Street Gardens

In the shadow of the castle rests a wonderful park that-especially this time of the year-is amazingly beautiful. Tall trees with colourful leaves and different canopy shapes stand randomly in the park, making it the ideal location for a picnic before you jump in your train. As it is opposite the train station this is the first impression you get as a traveler. This is also the place that holds the Christmas Market and it turns into a wee “village” of white and red tents. Is it too early to say that I cannot wait to be there during Christmas time?

Edinburgh is a city for all seasons, treating its visitors to vibrant, positive vibes. The locals welcome everyone with a smile and are always helpful with instructions. Even though this post hardly covers one tenth of what the city offers, I think it is a great start.



That was all for now, keep your eyes open for the next round, this time written by a fellow blogger….whose identity shall remain a secret…

Until next time 🙂


P.S: If you are a blogger and would like to take part in the series please drop me an email at Cannot wait!


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