Travelling // Aberdeen beach on a sunny day

Today I woke up a bit rough, having a hangover from last night’s pub hoping. Rob texted me to check how I was and then suggested we go to the beach as the day was lovely and it would be a shame to spent it in our rooms. Without any hesitation I agreed and I am so happy I did.

The beach was so beautiful and even though I got a bit homesick, listening to the sound of the waves was revitalising and recharged my batteries for a month or so, until it’s time to travel back home!

We spent most of the time bird watching with Rob’s binoculars and boat counting. 

The waves were crashing on the cement pieces and it was very soothing just observing the move of the water. 

It was quite crowded also, people were sunbathing and children were playing with their dogs, while some others were flying kites.

Before the sun got down we decided to find our way back home. At the end of the beach we came across these beautiful yellow bushes and couldn’t resist not to get yet another picture!

Thank you Rob for the lovely day and for inviting me to the beach.
Hope you all had a lovely weekend!



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