Travelling // Arriving at Marbella Corfu

welcome to Marbella Corfu

We have officially landed in Corfu and I cannot believe how incredibly beautiful Marbella is, so I wanted to share a quick update with you all!

welcome to Marbella Corfu
I am still kind of shocked how quickly time went by, considering that we booked our tickets back in January, but at the moment I don’t feel anything other than grateful for being in this place. All I want is for time to freeze to let me live this dream forever!
Marbella Corfu
Marbella Corfu welcome treats
The hotel: Like I said before, staying in Marbella Corfu is like living a dream; the sprawling and bright design, the facilities, the rooms and the friendly staff makes the whole experience unique. We got a sea view double room- we were like a dog with two tails when we realised that the room has a little secluded garden and patio with sea views, and in reality the room is not double but a family sized room! Which includes a king size bedroom & living room with another double bedroom and two bathrooms. I mean, we couldn’t have asked for anything more! I really like all the attention to detail here, like the coffee machine with all the different kinds of coffees, great to wake up to a fresh coffee!
welcome to Marbella Corfu
Right now we are sipping the welcoming champagne and freshly squeezed orange juice while getting ready to hit the beach, which is at the bottom of the hotel and even has its own bridge over the busy road to ensure not even the slightest stress.


I will be blogging daily to keep you updated about our hotel and island experience, so check regularly.


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